Monday, May 16, 2005

Yet another day

I made chapati's tonight for dinner. Looks like I pretty much mastered the art of making good chapati. YAY! It came out soft and very good. Of course I did customize and added a secret ingredient to it, the idea which I borrowed from one Indian restaurant here.

I saw a new comedy serial in Sun TV called 'Alli Raajiyam'. This was the first episode. It was pretty hilarious, I thought. Now I know how to waste another 30 minutes every Monday :)

During the commercial break I saw this commercial in Sun TV for Saravana Selvarathnam Textiles. I was wondering who the beautiful model was, dancing with few other bunch of girls. She looked very pretty and cute.
If someone can tell me who it is...well..all I can say is...

"May the Force be with you"


Anonymous said...

Did you find ou who that girl was??:-)

vimal said...

Not yet.
But I haven't lost hope !