Tuesday, May 10, 2005

A good friend of mine, Jennifer Rajesh, started her own blog.

Unlike my blog, which is full of useless & nonsense information, I believe this blog will be quite useful.

She & her husband Rajesh, who is also a friend of mine and a formula 1 freak like me, is the one whom I visited in Milan, Italy. When I asked what she wanted from US, she was so funny , she said 'Idly rice'.

So like in Tamil movies, where when families from village visit their family in cities, used to take rice and vegetables, I took rice from US. That was so funny.


Raj said...

Only in this case it was from a hi-tech city to a fashion city ;)... Pirantha veetu seethanam sort of...

vimal said...

Yep. No doubt. Milan is the fashion capital, along with Paris.