Monday, May 23, 2005

One more weekend just passed.
Is time really running fast universally or is it just me !!!

I managed to watch ‘Star Wars Episode III –Revenge of the Sith’ on first day of release.
Waw. What a crowd in the theater. !

I went an hour early and was like behind 300 people in the queue. Some people were sitting in the queue and having supper.
As usual I did something unique to me. Stupid.
Yeah. I booked the tickets in Fandango a week early, and when I went to the theater I saw this long queue and went and stood in the line. Then after 30 minutes I realized all these guys had the tickets in the hand, and I am yet to pick my ticket from the ticket machine inside the theater. Then I realized these other guys had either purchased the tickets directly or picked the tickets from the ticket machine inside the theater. Then I went inside the theater and picked the tickets, and had to go all the way back in the queue.
Damn the first come first serve policy.
I wish it was like in India, where you have seat numbering system, and your ticket has the seat number in it. The earlier you buy the ticket the better seats you can get.

Since doing stupid things is not new to me, no big deal. :)

About the movie …well…George Lucas is a genius.

Rest of my weekend was very busy, cleaning my apartment. Few of my friends are coming down for long weekend and we are planning to go to Virginia Beach. I booked a hotel there for 2 nights. I hope the weather stays good so that we can have lots of outdoorsy fun. Let’s pray to God and hope no Tsunami comes.

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