Sunday, October 09, 2005

This weekend is long weekend for me.
Monday is holiday, Columbus Day.
So far this has been...hmmm...what can I say, a very lazy weekend.

Saturday did some shopping in Nordstrom, at the Short Pump mall. I was shopping for some Jeans and Shirts.

I rented and watched 3 Tamil movies.

Aiyar IPS (one of the worst movies mankind has ever produced)
Maayavi (was ok, a different movie little bit)
Englishkaaran (a pretty descent movie, different story)

Will have to watch another movie Chatrapathi.

Then it was like 3am when I went to bed. And slept almost the whole day on Sunday. Wokeup at around 4 pm on Sunday afternoon.

I was watching Sunday Samayal in Sun TV. I noticed that the commercial for Sakthi Masala has changed.
Usually Kushboo will come in that commercial, and today I saw a different girl.
Well...I guess everyone knows why this change was made.

Kushboo has got herself into a bad PR situation.

I don't know what else will change from now. Remove her from mega serials ? I don't know.

1 comment:

VJ said...

Dude - Enjoy your long weekend.

Iyer IPS - gosh tell me about it!

Watch Ghajini - its nice. The songs rock - I liked the song called "Suttum Vizhi Sudar".