Thursday, October 06, 2005

The Kushboo story

I wrote this comment in my friend's blog (Echo). It was a nice little story, so I decided to present it here again, in its original form.

Let me tell you something.
Mr. Host invites Mr. Guest to his house warming party.
Guest, buys a nice little painting, which he thinks will go good in Host’s bedroom.
Guest, goes to Host’s home and gives the painting.
Host appreciates it and he starts nailing the wall in living room, to hang this painting.

The guest sees this.
He will say one of the following three things:

1. "No man with a sense for art will hang this picture in living room."
2. "Don’t hang the picture here, hang it in your bedroom."
3. "If I were you, I would hang this picture in the bedroom."

Let’s analyze the above.
(1) is basically insulting the Host. You are literally saying either that Host doesn’t have sense for art, or he is an idiot. Definitely NOT polite and NOT respectful.
(2) is like you go to another persons house, and tell him what he should do in his own house. Definitely NOT polite and NOT respectful.
(3) Is like saying, if it was my house and if it was my painting I would hang it in my bedroom, but hey it’s your house and your painting, you can do whatever you want with it. Definitely polite and respectful.

Things might have changed in India now, but I would say, most of the people in India would have said (2).
Here in US, almost everyone would have said (3).

So does that mean people in US are more civilized than people in India?

If kushboo had said:
“I don’t mind having pre-marital sex” and
“If I were an educated man, I would not expect my wife to be virgin”
(similar to (3))

then that is polite, civilized and respectful.

But Kushboo said:
“No educated man could expect his wife to be virgin”
(similar to (1))
That’s like saying, educated men who expect his wife to be virgin is stupid, or uneducated men doesn’t know anything and he is ignorant.

If an educated girl, who moves in upper class society, behaves this way, what can you expect from poor uneducated people?

This is my opinion.
And that’s just me. Everyone need not be like me :)

So we will agree to disagree and move on to next debate ;)

NOTE : Seriously... Iam running out of stuff to blog :)


Echo/Lavanya said...

ha ha :) I was going to post a link to your comment and do another round of applause but you beat me to it here.

vimal said...

Like I said, Iam running out of stuff to blog.
I think I shud blog more on creation, evolution and ID.