Sunday, October 23, 2005

hmmm...what did I do this weekend.

It was a cloudy saturday.
Took some pictures of Saravanan's new acura and ourselves.

WAW. We took some 130 pictures in like 5 minutes. After a long editing process, here are some of them which survived.

Went to Indian Food Festival at Richmond Convention Center.
It was lot of food, and very little cultural activities :)


VJ said...

super pictures mams!

appidi many pictures after editing...i can imagine how many you guys wud have clicked. ..u shud have taken with both the cars adjacent to each other, on top of each other, parked really close..i mean with abt an inch between them and ... (i can already see Sara's burning red face...). anywayz - acura definitely looks kewl...!

vimal said...

Ya Acura is one of my favorites.
Now a days, I like Audi too.
Of course all these are apart from Merc and Ferrari.
And you know about Mayboch and Aston Martin.