Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Did we eat Beef?

I landed up in this article, about how ancient Hindus ate Beef.

As I was going through the article, I also came across the following para.

"Over a period of time mainly after the emergence of Buddhism or rather as an accompaniment of the Brahminical attack on Buddhism, the practices started being looked on with different emphasis. The threat posed by Buddhism to the Brahminical value system was too severe. In response to low castes slipping away from the grip of Brahminism, the battle was taken up at all the levels. At philosophical level Sankara reasserted the supremacy of Brahminical values, at political level King Pushyamitra Shung ensured the physical attack on Buddhist monks, at the level of symbols King Shashank got the Bodhi tree (where Gautama the Buddha got Enlightenment) destroyed."

This ringed a bell in my head. This sounded more like the author in one of my earlier post

India - The True India
India - The India Today
India - The Question

in September 2005.

The authors are different. But what they say concur.

This just reiterates the facts mentioned by Phulgenda Sinha, the author of the book "The Gita As It Was - Rediscovering the Original Bhagavadgita".

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