Friday, October 07, 2005

Khushboo's sex comment takes political tones

A remark on pre-marital sex and virginity by South Indian actress Khushboo has set off a major controversy. Now, the issue seems to have taken political colors with a Dalit party tacitly backing protests against her.

Ok...this is where it gets dirty.
What was a simple social issue, is now storming into a political issue.

Editor-in-Chief of The Hindu, N Ram said that whether or not one agreed with Khushboo, 'the intelligent and experienced actress' 'forward-looking' views needed to be respected.


For everyone's sake, 'forward-looking' is not about losing virginity before marriage. It's about how to develop the one earth and world we have and make it a better place to live.

How tough is it to get that into the head?

The beleagured actress has virtually been left to fend for herself by the South Indian Film Artistes Association (SIFAA).

Since almost all the film artists are in one political party or the other, or having their own party, can understand that they are just trying to save their own ass.

I feel sorry for Kushboo. Once a social issue becomes a political are pretty much f**ked up.


vimal said...

Echo...even if we decide to end the debate, it looks like someone doesn't want it to haha

Echo/Lavanya said...

Indeed! And you seem to have predicted pretty well that I will click on the 'post comment' and left me a message here :)

I have to disagree with you and agree with N.Ram here. Because the important point is that she was interviewed about her opinion on pre-marital sex. And she frankly expressed her opinion without calling anyone a fool or an idiot. But let us leave that point coz we have thrashed it enough.

When such political tones start acting up, it pretty much spells disaster for the victim. Poor Khushboo.

Subha said...

Why do I still feel that she is being thrashed about not for her views on pre marital sex but because of issues related to something else.Ok maybe now people have started debatiing on it but initialy the issue was started for various other reasons.

Echo/Lavanya said...

Vimal, I came across this:

Care to comment?

Echo/Lavanya said...

Sorry, messed the link. Here you go: Prude Alert

vimal said...

Who is this guy?
I like him.
Very funny.
Man, he seems to have had lot of experience in those stuff, to talk about in such detail.

I don't know if you have 'Stand-Up comedy' in India, but here in US we have something called 'Stand-Up Comedy'.

He should go for that. He will make a good comedian.

You made my day. Thanks for sending this link echo. I laughed so much reading that.

VJ said...

That was one hilarious post!!! Dunno how they can link different things and come up with something that turns out this hilarious!!!

I later went to the TeaKada blog and was reading a couple of blogs. Check this link out - Article in Dinamalar

So - thats Chennai for you eh?!? I have talked about this in some other blog as well...the change in Chennai is ulti-fast and dunno where it is gonna lead the tomorrow's generation. Maybe its for good...who knows!!!

vimal said...

Dude, What are you talking?
How the hell can this be good for tomorrow's generation?

The girls in the 2nd picture having a tequila shot. What the 1@#!@#%

Even I have not had one of those in the last 2 years.

The girls in the 3rd picture. It's time for you girls to visit the gym.

The girl in the last picture, gulping the beer bottle...Kick Ass.

I bet the guy in the last picture is a gay.

Anonymous said...

I loved the post on Whoever wrote that is one talented writer and I would be really impressed if that mystery writer was a woman. By the way who are these folks who claim to uphold the culture and morality of a people. Well who died and made you that. I dont understand these fucks. I mean women who want to have fun should be allowed to have fun. Well I guess the people behind all these culture protection and morality policing must by guys and girls with a repressed childhood. May be they didnt "get" enough of what they should have "gotten". nuf said.

SamAruna said...

The controversy and publicity for this by one popular TV channel is a reflection of the current upheavel in Tamil InTolerance.

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