Monday, October 25, 2004

Will India level the series?

Alright. Here we are. Third test between India and Australia. Will India level the series? Will the Aussies go ahead 2-0?

Wicket : Initial reports say the wicket still has considerable amount of grass on it. Is that a good news for India?
I can only think of two things.
1. India played very well against the Aussies in Australia, in bouncy wickets. India did not play well in both the test matches here in India in spinner-friendly wickets. Did Sourav and the team think that may be they should try a wicket which looks like an Aussie wicket and see if they play well?
2. Is Sourav going to ask the groundsmen to shave off the remaining grass the night before the match and make it more spinner-friendly?

Openers : Even though Sourav says that he prefers experienced batsmen opening, I have a feeling that he may go ahead and ask Parthiv to open with Sehwag.

Whoever wins the toss will elect to bat first and put up a huge score and try to bowl the opponent twice.

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