Tuesday, October 12, 2004

The Supreme One

Last night I saw the movie 'A Beautiful Mind' for the second time. Masterpiece, is the one word I have to describe the movie and Dr. John Nash. Dr. Nash looks everything in nature as a pattern, and tries to find an algorithm to describe the pattern. I, for one, believe in it 100%. There is nothing called coincidence or luck in this world. Everything has a pattern and happens for a reason. It’s funny, when I was in school I thought about the following which I thought was incredible. (Don’t ask me what my friends thought about me when I shared this with them). Imagine, at the micro level, an atom consisting of a nucleus and electrons rotating around it in an orbit. At the macro level, a solar system consisting of a sun and planets rotating around it in an orbit. Go further up, imagine a galaxy, say a spiral galaxy, where all the suns and stars and solar systems rotating around the galactic center. Maybe some day in future we might find that all the galaxies rotate around, just say, Universal Center. I was just wondering, if this whole universe was a big Personality (may be the Supreme God), and our solar system was just an atom of a cell in His body.

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