Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Few days back I had sent an email to ICC (International Cricket Council) proposing some changes. Today I got a reply from them. Hope they implement my suggestions.
I copied the email below.

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To : "Vimal"
Subject : RE: ICC Feedback: (Proposed changes to Cricket to make it more interesting)

Thank you for your email and your ideas, the ICC always appreciates
receiving new ideas from committed cricket fans.

Kind regards

ICC Corporate Affairs

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Subject: ICC Feedback: (Proposed changes to Cricket to make it more

Name: Vimal
Email address: vimal_n@hotmail.com
Subject: Proposed changes to Cricket to make it more interesting

I propose 3 changes, which is sure to make the game of cricket more

(1) Challenge : The teams should be allowed 2 challenges. When the
umpire gives a decision, which the team/coach feels is an incorrect
decision, they should be allowed to challenge the decision. And third
umpire should come into the picture.

(2) Distribute Field Restriction : One day matches has the field
restriction for the first 15 overs. I believe making the field
restriction more flexible, just say, make it 3 session of 5 overs each,
and the fielding team captain can choose when to apply each of the 3
sessions. This will definitely make the game more interesting by having
an additional strategy to think about.

(3) Timeout or Communication : The coach, should be able to communicate
with the team by timeouts, say 2 for each team, or should be able to be
in touch with the captain by wireless.

These 3 changes will definitely change the game for better and make it
more interesting.


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