Thursday, October 07, 2004

Vice Presidential debate

At the Vice Presidential debate, I expected a straight forward answer for 3 important questions.

(1) What is the exit strategy for Iraq?
(2) What is the plan to increase domestic jobs?
(3) What is the plan to cut US Deficit?

Honestly, I did not get a comprehensive answer to any of the 3 questions.
If someone did, please brief me, I will try to understand.

In my opinion, as of today, neither Bush nor Kerry has a comprehensive exit strategy for Iraq.
It is a big mess in Iraq. There is absolutely no doubt about that.
Who has a better plan to fix the mess and exit gracefully?

Rather than talking about that, both Bush/Cheney and Kerry/Edwards were just accusing each other, pointing fingers.

If you have watched war movies you would have noticed one thing.
In battle scenes, when a company is under heavy enemy fire, or caught in an ambush, because of a mistake by a lieutenant, and when his captain or major, joins them amidst the chaos, he neither asks who was responsible for the mess nor sits there blaming and pointing fingers. He just thinks and works out a strategy to get the hell out of there.

I see the situation in Iraq as the same, in a macro level.
The priority now is to fix the mess and get the hell out of there.
You can blame, point fingers, fight, investigate, or do whatever later, when you are out of there.

But neither Bush/Cheney nor Kerry/Edwards thinks like that.

The next debate between Bush and Kerry is supposed to address questions (2) and (3) in-depth.
Let us wait and see if that happens.

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