Sunday, October 31, 2004

Kerry wins now? we are. It just gets interesting. Isn't it?
Washington Redskins have lost the game to Greenbay Packers 14-28. So according to the Washington Redskins Rule President Bush should lose the elections and Kerry should win.
But, hold on. Two things happened this year.
First, Red Sox, broke the jinx of losing against Yankees and they won the series. Second, New England Patriots' 21 winning streak, the longest in NFL history, was ended today by the Pittsburg Steelers. So, this seems to be a season where records and jinx are broken. So will the Washington Red Skins rule jinx be broken this year and will Bush get re-elected to the White House?
It just gets interesting. Isn't it?


healther said...

I lost you...

vimal said...

OK. Tell me where you were lost. I can detail you on that.