Thursday, June 30, 2005

War of the Worlds

Last night I went to the movie 'War of the Worlds' . The movie was based on the original works of the great H.G. Wells (1898). This was like 107 years ago. WAW.

I have the seen the older version of the same movie, 'The War of the Worlds (1953)' .

Spielberg's version actually doesn't revolve around the aliens. This movie actually revolves around Tom Cruise, a 'not so successful in married life' guy, and a father of 2 kids. The story is actually about how such a father tries to protect his kids, amidst a situation where aliens go on a total annihilation spree.

The best scene of the movie was the probe of the alien craft , snooping in the basement of a house. That scene was thrilling, in fact it was thrilling in the old version too. In my opinion ,that scene is the highlight of the movie.

I like the way, the movie ended. I am not going to reveal that as it will be the ultimate spoiler :-)

But the way the movie started and ended, it was excellent.


kvman said...

I thought the movie was good. Dakota Fanning was kind of annonying, though. At some times she spouts dialogues like an adult. Other times she screams like a kid. And I thought the movie somehow didn't feel like a Spielberg movie.

vimal said...

Dakota Fanning's acting was awesome.
Her behaviour is exactly what a kid who grew up in US will have.
(Noticed it from my aunt's kids and few others)

The kids here are very different from the kids in India.