Thursday, June 02, 2005

Anniyan - Shankar, Vikram, Yana Gupta, Sada

My friend Vijay, who is also my class/lab mate during my college days, came to Richmond last week, to visit Virginia Beach. The first day when he came to my home, he wanted to see Sun TV. So we switched on Sun and we saw the trailer of Shankar/Viram’s ‘Anniyan’. We both were really excited about this movie. We had lots of expectations.

After seeing the trailer, we both were like “What the heck was that???”

Yeah, we saw some scenes in the trailer, which were like…”Whaaaaaat!!!”

Vikram was doing some unbelievable ‘Matrix’ kinda stuff.

Hmm. Hope the movie turns out to be a good one and not a blooper.

Going by the title and stills, I think it looks like Vikram is acting in dual role or he is a split personality (Batman, Spiderman, Superman). An innocent guy and a ‘Robin Hood’ kind guy.

But didn’t Shankar already do a movie like that with Arjun. Remember Gentleman?


Looks like the movie will be kinda violent with lots of

Whatever...Yana Gupta is there

Iam seeing 'The Yana Gupta'. Oops... sorry, the movie.

Photo courtesy : IndiaGlitz

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