Monday, June 13, 2005

Hello Tamilnadu

Entrance Exams
It looks like Tamilnadu government has passed a new law that there will be no more entrance exams for medical and engineering. A lot of students were pissed off and have filed a case against the state government.


I wonder why the government passed such a law. Does anyone have any insights or insiders information?

I was watching Sun TV news and one of the students was saying...

"I did not score good marks first time so I was preparing for the entrance exams for the last 2 years and now I have a cutoff around 192 and this new law will bar me from getting admission in a good college"

If this guy did not score good marks the first time and spent 2 years preparing for entrance exams alone, is it fair that this guy is treated same as another guy who scored more or less same cutoff marks in his first attempt?

On the other hand, it is a good thing to give another chance to someone who failed in their first attempt and want to succeed.

When did life get so complicated?


kvman said...

I think any of the three ways (only entrance, only XII, or both) are fine if they are able to differentiate good candidates from bad ones. As it stands now, just considering XII is bad. XII exams do not test analytical abilities that much. You can pretty much have a superficial understanding and a good memory to score in XII. TNPCEE is slightly better in testing deeper understanding, I think. Anyways, I think a good strategy is to have one national exam administered by a body independent of the state boards and central boards. The local universities and colleges can use the rank in that exam to admit students.

VJ said...

Why does TN college admission get so problematic year after year?!? I thought it was a good system to have the 12th marks and entrance with higher weightage for the 12th marks. I got to know about the cancellation of the entrance exams from a SUNY Buffalo under grad student. This guy is from Chennai and joined US univ. coz he was so unsure about his future in Chennai! ...

Incredible Indian said...

This is very bad.
Forcing this rule on the present batch just before elections is totally a political game.
more on

vignesh said...

this method has been successfull for past 15 years(more than that i think).In board exams you may lose some marks due to presentation n things like that,if the board exam pattern is changed giving room to more one mark q's then it 'may' be nice.