Thursday, June 09, 2005

Anniyan songs

I have been listening to Anniyan songs lately. Almost all the songs are super good.
Not sure which song will have Yana Gupta. Will have to watch the trailer in Sun TV carefully.

The funniest song which I like is 'Oh Sukumari'. It's a damn good teaser


Kaps said...

Yana Gupta will appear in Kadhal Yaanai song.

vimal said...

Oh that Remo song. Cool.
I think the other song 'Kannum Kannum Nokia' also has a line 'Oh Remo Oh Remo Oh Remo...' in it.
Guess one of Vikram's name is Remo.

Anonymous said...

i support u.l vikram is my favourite actor.mostly in anniyan. he really looks cool in the kathal yanai songs.