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Police beat women who asked politicians to obey Indian Supreme Court order

List of injured includes 3 year old child, with pictures

Join in on the fax action: Act now and send a free fax to Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh here:

Give the politicians a real "Wake Up!" call, and ask them

a) to obey the Supreme Court's order of May 2004
b) to condemn the police brutality and take action against those responsible; and
c) to drop trumped up charges against peaceful demonstrators

Their home numbers are given here, together with a useful clock showing the current time in Bhopal. Please make good use of it.

Pictures from the Neend Udao protest and the brutal repression by the police are at


Toxic chemicals abandoned at its factory by Union Carbide have poisoned the drinking water of 20,000 people. In May 2004 the Indian Supreme Court ordered local politicians to provide the communities with clean, safe drinking water. The politicians ignored the order.

On Tuesday 17 May, 300 people, overwhelmingly women, many with children and babies in arms, went to government offices to protest. They banged spoons on tin plates in a "Wake Up" (in Hindi "Neend Udao") protest. The politicians' response was to send in the riot police.

Pictures of police kicking and punching women and children have shocked the world. Amnesty International has expressed concern and asked the Bhopal authorities to bring those accused of violence to book.

The survivors of Bhopal have suffered enough. We need the help of every decent person whose sense of justice is as outraged as that of the women who dared to raise their voices against the politicial bullies.

/Disclaimer:/ The "Wake Up!" call is an independent Bhopal.Net initiative to support the "Neend Udao" protest. Pissed-off sleep-deprived politicians should note that the people in Bhopal have not asked us to do it. We are doing it because it seems right and proper. Bhopal.Net is a project of the UK Campaign for Justice in Bhopal, which is a member of the ICJB. If you are a politician who has been woken up by a phone call from a supporter on the far side of the world, you may complain to editor_at_bhopal dot net.
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