Monday, November 15, 2004

When I heard the news that ICC banned Sourav Ganguly from playing 2 tests, I felt sad. BCCI is the most powerful board in ICC, but still they somehow fail to lobby and dominate their positions in ICC. Same happens in Washington. But, that's another big story. The interesting fact is even our arch rivals, Wasim Akram and Imran Khan, came in support of Sourav Ganguly. But some of my colleagues (fellow Indians) were rejoicing the moment. It's kinda sick in my opinion. I saw the match and I know the ground conditions exactly. It was very tough to bowl and field under such conditions. At one point when a Pakistani batsman hit a straight drive, and as the ball was racing towards boundary I could see water splashing on both sides, resembling a car speeding through half a feet of water. The fielders and bowlers had to clean their shoes every now and then because of the mud sticking to their shoe sole. It all takes time. It's funny when a player makes any mistake they are penalized by the ICC, but when an umpire makes a mistake...well...we all know what happens.

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