Friday, November 19, 2004

Kashmir response dismays Pakistan

Pakistan says it is disappointed with India's response to its proposals to solve the dispute over Kashmir.
During a visit to Indian-administered Kashmir on Wednesday, Manmohan Singh said: "I have made it clear to President Musharraf that any redrawing of the international border is not acceptable to us."
Responding to the Indian premier's statement, Pakistani Foreign Minister Khursheed Kasuri asked Delhi to avoid making "controversial statements".
"The fact is that Jammu and Kashmir is a dispute which Pakistan and India have to resolve through dialogue and negotiations," he told Pakistan's state-run APP news agency.
Speaking to AFP, Gen Musharraf said the signals coming out of Delhi were not encouraging.
"Certainly the vibes should be much better than this... there ought to be a desire to move forwards towards peace," he said. we are. Again. Back to square one. Right where we started. The talks between India and Pakistan is like going in circles. It ends right where it started.

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