Sunday, November 14, 2004

Jackie Chan in Indian Ad while I was watching Lion Dates Top 10 movies in Sun TV an Ad came featuring my favorite star Jackie Chan. The Ad was for Bajaj's new bike 'Discover'. It was a very good Ad. In the class of a Hollywood movie or Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, and it was shot entirely in China. The Ad was scripted by Ogilvy & Mather senior creative director Abhijit Avasthi and directed by Corcoise Films director Prasoon Pandey.
You can view the TV commercial at I'm sure you will love the Ad, and the background score is awesome and the tempo of the music changes beautifully according to the situation.
Indian Marketing Ads have always been very good. But now bringing in International stars and celebrities like Aussie cricketers(Bret Lee for Timex) and Jackie Chan, wow...companies are not hesitating to spend millions on Ads. This Jackie Chan Ad is the costliest Ad ever made by Bajaj. I think the reach and returns on Ads on Indian population is really good. Well..There is one good side-effect of over-population :-)

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