Monday, November 22, 2004

Tonight I went and bought the T Mobile phone Sidekick II. Some of my friends bought T Mobile phones few months back. None of them were satisfied with the service. By service I mean signal reception. One common thing was all of them had the same model. So I thought a different phone may get better signal. So I went and bought the Sidekick II. It just took 20 minutes for the whole process. It's pretty amazing how fast things can be done now a days. OK, now coming to the signal problem...Guess what...I did not get a friggin signal at the T Mobile store. Can you believe that?
I came home and called the new phone with my old cell phone. One call went through out of 10 calls. Later in the night I called my friend Mukesh and was able to get through and asked him to call back and surprisingly got the call. Tomorrow I will take it to work and see if I get a good signal reception there. Also I will have to ask my parents to call from India and see how it works. Saying all this, I still love this phone. This is a cool phone, sexy looking, and the speaker phone quality is damn good. I could speak from like 7-8 feet away and still the other person could hear me clearly and I could hear the other person clearly. So the few cons of the phone are:
1. Signal not consistently strong
2. Can't dial using dialpad without flipping open the phone
3. No Bluetooth
4. Can't browse the web while talking
5. No Javascript support

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Anonymous said...

At the end of the day, no use of this cool hot selling gizmo