Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Today was best of both the worlds. Busy yet Relaxed.
I was very busy at work. Our production date is nearing and we have to wrap development by this week. So I had to work out few minor issues. It was interesting as I got most of it done according to the plan. Hope it continues tomorrow the same way.

Varun is one of my good friends here. Very cool guy. Later in the evening, Varun and I decided to get together for dinner at 'Tara Thai'. This is a relatively new Thai Restaurant. Their food is awesome. It's the best Thai food in Richmond , I would say. As I am a vegetarian, I had to order Vegetable Fried Rice. Usually whenever Saravanan and I go there, we order Chicken Fried Rice. Fortunately, the Vegetable version turned out better than the Chicken. Both Varun and I had it very spicy. It was good to have it with the 'Singha'.

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