Sunday, September 25, 2005

Greg Chappell, Sourav Ganguly and BCCI

We now have the text of email that Greg Chappell mailed to BCCI...which by the way, now stands for Board of Cricket Controversy in India.

We are now waiting for a rebuttal from Sourav Ganguly.

I, have always admired the captaincy of Sourav. I believe that he was one of the best captains India ever had. He was aggressive and confident. He knew what he was doing.

But watching him and the events unfolding around him last 2 weeks, I guess Chappell is right when he says Sourav is mentally not fit to lead the team.

One can easily come to the conclusion by watching what Sourav has been doing and talking last 2 weeks.

He really looks like he has lost the confidence in himself and his decisions. The way he handled this whole issue was also immature.

After all this, I think it is time for him to step down from captaincy, or if he doesn't want to do that, move on.

I am not sure if Rahul is a good replacement as a captain, as his records as a captain doesn't seem to impress that much.
But saying that, there is also an allegation that Harbhajan Singh, was asked to underperform under Rahul's captaincy.
Now that is very interesting. We don't know if its true and if so, who else was asked to underperform under Rahul's captaincy.
If that is true, then no wonder India did not perform well under Rahul's captaincy. Poor Rahul.

If true, then its only fair to give Rahul another chance.


Echo/Lavanya said...

I second your opinion about Ganguly moving on. I admire him for the transformation that made Team India a World Cup 2003 finalist but then the coach has to do his job. There is far too much politics without dragging it into the team relationship equation as well.

VJ said...

I just got to read the mail that Greg had sent to BCCI. Well, if all that is written in the mail is true, then without doubt Ganguly has no right to remain in the team causing friction among team members.

I have always had a soft corner for Ganguly inspite of so many people losing faith in him. He had done a great job, but that is history, now just for his selfish reasons, if he had been tossing the others in the team around, it is not the Ganugly I have in mind!

You ar right Vimal - its time for him to step down and I would be inclined to hand over the captaincy to a junior who will be holding the job for a longer duration - like how South Africa did with Smith. This is nothing against Rahul - he will make a good captain as well. I am not sure about Sehwag, but Kaif comes to my mind as a good captain - but his capacity as a batsman becomes a question mark...however I have no doubt in his temperment. Yuvraj is another choice, he is aggressive, but am not yet convinced with his batting will be interesting to see what comes out in the next week or so...

Subha said...

What I dont seem to underastand is How come the previous coach did not have any issues witht Sourava..
Is it like because Sourav was in better form then ?
Or is it a clash between the coach and the player now ??
What ever it is the boys should be kept out of it coz it would further degrade the team's performance.

Hey guys did u hear of the Kushboo controversy going around ?? It is all over TV...

vimal said...

hey I came to know about it in sun tv. but just the headlines.
What did kushboo say?

vimal said...


Here's yur answer.

Dungarpur also revealed that John Wright stepped down as India's coach because of Ganguly and Dalmiya's high-handedness.

"Wright told me 'with those two here I cannot stay'. The coach and captain would sit for an hour and put down a strategy but the captain did not follow it on the field. And John told me it happened a lot of times."

Dalmiya leaked Chappell e-mail: Dungarpur