Sunday, September 25, 2005

I got a lot of calls and email from dear ones asking about Hurricane Rita. Fortunately, Virginia was spared. Thanks for all those.

It was second time that a second hurricane devastated the gulf within a span of 2 weeks.

Unfortunately, my aunt,uncle and their kids who were living in Houston was asked to evacuate. They were seriously plyboarding their windows, and sticking duct tapes to the glass windows so that they won't shatter. But after seeing the plight of other evacuvees who were stuck in Highway I-45 , they decided that they will stay back home.

In the end it turned out to be a wise decision. As the hurricane was downgraded from Category 5 to Category 3 when it made landfall, the impact on Houston and surrounding areas was very minimal. Unfortunately the levees broke again in New Orleans flooding them again.

I also saw the movie Sishya, starring Karthik and Roshini. It was an old movie. I thought Roshini looked beautiful. I liked her the most among all 3 sisters, Nagma, Jothika including.

I also rented a tamil DVD after a long time. I saw 'Ullam Ketkumay'.
It love story. hmmm...

After coming to US and seeing the culture can see the difference when it comes to love.
The way the love is proposed is so different in India and US.

Its surprising that guys in India are still the same. Hesitating to say their love to the girl and giving love letters and cards. It all looks so funny to see now.

But the love itself seems to be the same across the world.
When it comes to relationship, while the guy usually looks at the beauty of the girl, the girl actually looks at so many different things.

The movie itself was good I thought, except for some sentimental dialogues and scenes.


Subha said...

I dont agree with the fact that guys look at beauty and girls look at various other factors ,I think it varies from person to person.
By beauty do you mean physical or the person being beautiful from within ??..

VJ said...

c'mon subha - you know what it means...! ;-)

however, i agree it varies from person to person.