Monday, September 19, 2005

This weekend I went to the movie 'March of the Penguins' . I have one word to describe the movie. 'Very Beautiful'. Yeah, I know what you are saying. It's two words. I know. But I think it deserves it. It's a story of love and survival fighting the most powerful force, Mother Nature.

The movie is so funny, right from the beginning, where the male penguins walk like 70 miles to have sex. OK, I shouldn't say sex. But walk 70 miles to find a partner and have courtship. Then the struggles they go through fighting against nature, and having chicks and finally it is so cute when the chicks are on their own.

I think this movie is a must see.

Then Sunday, after long time, I went to Sudarshan Kriya, Art of Living.
I introduced Dixita to this Art of Living and she is now more involved and regular than me. It's kinda little embarassing for me there..,but you happens. Later in the evening Dixita and I watched 'Finding Neverland'. It was a good movie too.

Yesterday was also my 21st day as a vegetarian. Iam amazed how I can be a vegetarian for such a long time and still not miss meat.

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