Sunday, September 11, 2005

This weekend I saw lot of movies. Dixita and I went to a movie 'Red Eye'. It was an ok movie. Not bad, in my opinion.

Then after the movie she wanted to go to this Japanese Restaurant 'Osaka Sushi'.

Since both of us were vegetarians, and as she had been there before I let her to decide what to order. She ordered Tofu Teriyaki and she recommended Vegetable Tempura for me.
Then we also ordered a Japanese Drink called 'Hot Sake', which is a wine made of rice.

The Tofu Teriyaki was really awesome, I liked it better than Vegetable Tempura. Vegetable Tempura was more like our 'Bajji & Bonda'. It's basically vegetables, spinach, battered and deep fried. One of the vegetable was actually banana. I remember when I went to Kerala I had something exactly similar. I think it was a banana battered and deep fried and the taste was almost exactly the same.

The sake was really good. As it was little hot/warm I guess it will make a good drink for Richmond's winter evenings.

I saw many movies that I had recorded in my DVD recorder. All of them Western movies. I saw 'Billy the Kid', 'The Magnificent Seven', '3:10 to Yuma' and 'Nevada Smith'. I would say all were good, but Nevada Smith was my favorite, followed by Magnificent seven and 3:10 to yuma.

I also watched the movie 'Oruvan' in Sun TV. Pooja Bhatra is very pretty. She has class. I always liked her. She is tall too.

I then cooked some potato fry and Bengan Bartha, an eggplant dish.
Preethi, if you are reading this, you are invited to my home to have some eggplant ;)

For those who don't know what eggplant is, it's nothing but brinjal. In America, brinjal is called as eggplant.

Saturday was very good as I had my massage and reiki. My masseuse, Jill, is a blonde with beautiful green eyes. She is a very sweet person. She talks a lot unlike other masseuse. She is more towards eastern philosophy. She talks about chi, yin and yang, prana, spices etc. She explains everything she does. It was my first reiki session with her. I felt so good during and after that session.

I tried White Iced Tea from Ellwood Thompson. White Tea is supposed to be very good for health, packed with antioxidants. I liked it very much. Have to buy some more. The actual reason why I tried it in first place is different :)

Iam waiting to watch Adhu Mattum Ragasiyam in Sun TV. That serial has grabbed my attention a lot. Very good story, screenplay and direction.


DaldaDappa and Proud said...

hmmm... so is it dixita..;)

eggplant... yuk! but thx for the offer... :P

vimal said...

I know you don't like eggplant. Thats why I invited ;)

VJ said...
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VJ said...

Vimal - Movies nu solra, Sushi nu solra, Veggie nu solra...onnum purila...yedho neenga nalla irundha seri maams!

Preethi - I dunno what this means -"hmmm... so is it dixita..;)" and I don't mean to insinuate anything - but all I can tell is - there seems to be an inspiration behind Vimal getting his BMW, Vimal's new house siting satellite as a reason and what not!?!? Again - I am not insinuating anything!

DaldaDappa and Proud said...

lol... VJ... and I wasn't insituating anything either... so do u knw who it is??? ;)... c'mon u can say... vimal wont read this.. lol... ;)

vimal said...

maams...enna neenga.
Trust me, I moved apartment to get sun TV signal in my dish antenna. Thats the truth.

Preethi, rather than speculating, why don't you look an Iyengar girl for me? You should know a lot of people.

These are all Iam looking for in my ஐயங்கார் விட்டு அழகே.

1. Blonde (Golden, Platinum, Honey, Dirty) or Brunette
2. Green Eyes
3. 5'5" - 5'10"

Only 3 . Is it too much to ask for?

VJ said...

What should I say Preethi?

Do you want me to say about Vimal's latest passion for 'Veg ONLY' food?

Do you want me to say about the song that plays each time you call Vimal? (This is truly hilarious - I called him yesterday and instead of hearing a ring tone - all I heard was some music and in fast beats - the magic words in an infinite loop before he picked up the phone! You can easily guess the maigc words am sure!)

btw - I don't understand what you meant by - "so do u knw who it is??? ;)" can you elaborate? ;-)

VJ said...

maams - i agree ... there has to be a reason for every action... and you know what...without you knowing there may be various reasons for the same action! - anonymous writer

DaldaDappa and Proud said...

ithu enga poorthunaai theriyilla... lol... vj.. ur def. onto something... hehehe... vimal i have not seen any iyengaar girls with green eyes... but vj i'm sure u must knw someone tht vimal knws who fits all the above criteria... ;)