Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Why Indian cricket team loses?

The following are the comments I posed on my friend VJ's blog few weeks ago.

TimesofIndia reports something similar to that today.

The reason for India's failure is...

In India, when someone gives an exceptional performance one time, then the media/public make them Demi-Gods. Endorsements pour in millions. People start thinking that this person is the 'Chosen One'.

This hero worshipping is very very bad. We have this in sports, movies, politics etc.

As long as we have this, there won't be any team work in India(sports, movies, politics) etc.

You all know so many cricketers who fell into this.So I won't go into that details.

Others include, Narain Karthikeyan, Sania Mirza, Kunja Rani, Abbas, Arvind samy, madhavan etc etc.

It's not that Narain doesn't want to win. He has the second worst car Jordan, just ahead Minardi. A Jordan is not going to kick the ass of a Ferrari or McLaren Mercedez. PERIOD.

It's like racing a BMW and a Maruthi 800. Maruthi 800 will not win such a race.Common sense. Duh !

Sania Mirza, she just won once, and she got like few millions in endorsements and she was in the media/magazine/public limelight and this ended up putting her in the spotlight :)

The only way Indian cricket team will be successful consistently is if they play as a team, and there is no hero worshipping. See the Aussies. There is not one hero there. All are average, and collectively as a team, they kick ass.

Recently Indian team has too many heroes. This results in ego clashes. this is also bad.

First, Chappel should send this message across strongly. If someone is not performing, be it Viru, Sachin, or Rahul or Sourav, drop (not sack) them for 1 match. and say to press openly, they were dropped as they din't perform. Don't give some super stupid silly execuses like injured, pulled a muscle and all such crappy reasons.

Second, strategy is key. Sending batsmen in a specific order is a super stupid strategy. Send batsmen in according to the situation. Dont send Rahul before first 15 overs. He is best for 15-40 overs. Don't send Kaif before 15 or after 45 overs. Pair him up with Rahul at 15-45 where they can work the ball and take singles. Don't send Yuvraj at 15-45. He shud be before 15 or after 40/45. He hits the ball.

I have lots of such super awesome strategies.

If BCCI is willing to hire me,I can reveal all.

It's nothing to do with Sourav. People who bash Sourav, neither know what they are talking about nor they haven't watched Indian cricket for the last 3-4 years.

In addition to what I suggested the following also needs to be implemented.

1. Instead of giving huge salaries, give a low basic salary and give huge performace incentives. You win a mathc you get somuch bonus (all players). You win finals you get even more bonus.

2. From the time a player debuts in Indian cricket team, for 24 months he should not be in any commercials/endorsements. He can only sign for commercials/endorsements after proving himself for 24 months.

Thats what I would do if I was managing BCCI.

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