Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Code Breakers

I was reading an article in BBC website. It was a debate on whether Pluto should be considered a planet or not.
In the comments section, I saw some weird comments.
Initially, I got suspicious, wondering if this was some sort of code-word used by some miscreants!
Because most of the comments were from UK and you know, taking into account the recent events happening there I got kinda suspicious.

Then within few seconds, I realized, yes, that is a code, and successfully broke the code, but it was nothing like what I had imagined. Thank God.

You guys, wanna try. Its actually very very easy. You should be able to identify and break the code within few seconds.



kvman said...

Where is the code you are talking about? Are you talking about the different mnemonics people have given to remember planet names in order? That hardly qualifies as a code.

vimal said...

You are a 'genius' dude.

Subha said...

Manjunath thanks for giving Vimal a tough time, u should visit his blog quite often coz we keep getting fooled by his words proving his intelligence.

vimal said...

Excuse meeeeeee...

Choose the correct answer-la ஒறே ஒரு choice மட்டும் குடுத்தாலே தப்பா செலெக்ட் பன்ர ஆல் நி... நி எல்லாம் பேசர. எல்லாம் வாழ்வு தான்

Echo/Lavanya said...

Sorry to be snooty but there was no suspense at all. It was all too glaringly evident :(