Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Here's your moment of Zen

Anna University, In Tamilnadu has enforced new regulations in campus.

1. Students cannot wear T-Shirts
2. Students cannot wear Jeans
3. During cultural events, students cannot dance for movie songs

hmmmm...did we not celebrate our 59th Independence Day, 2 days ago....hmmmm...Freedom...


Subha said...

Is that going to improve a students mental abilty to study :(

vimal said...

The university chancelor said that in order to practice for the movie song dance sequence, students start rehearsing like 20-30 days ago. So he feels that is a distraction.

VJ said...

Good one Subha. Dunno how these folks come up with these ideas.

Wonder when the colleges will stop treating the students like kids. I can't imagine college without Jeans...the easiest to maintain when it comes to laundry (or should I say non-laundry)