Friday, August 26, 2005

Bond Kills India

FACT : This is Ganguly second run as a captain.
Bond says "You only Live Twice".

FACT : Venugopal clean bowled on a yorker, first ball.
Bond says "Live And Let Die"

FACT : Bond takes six wickets
Bond says "License To Kill"

FACT : India plays New Zealand again on September 2
Bond says "Tomorrow Never Dies" so "Die Another Day"

FACT : India is losing everywhere
Bond says "The World Is Not Enough"

FACT : India's scorecard looks pathetic
Bond Says "For Your Eyes Only"

FACT : What Bond thinks about bowling to India
Bond Says "A View To A Kill"

Finally Bond says to Indian Cricketers "Diamonds Are Forever"


Anonymous said...

Is this what we could call 'Bonded'?

VJ said...

Atrocious display of cricket! Namba aalunga yeppo thirundha porangalo therila!