Sunday, July 31, 2005

This weekend was a needed break for me. I didn't do anything on this weekend.
I had ordered the Indian Oil Cup Cricket matches featuring India, Sri Lanka and West Indies. This was not broadcast on satellite. So I had to order on the Internet. It cost me $80 bucks. Which was basically a rip-off for the quality of broadcast. Even though it was ok and better than last time I ordered over the Internet, it was no way near the satellite quality. Every now and then it loses the stream and attempts to reconnect. And in-between it starts to buffer. So it was not really interesting to watch it.
Internet has a loooooong way to go when it comes to streaming media.

On Saturday I went for my massage and later did my groceries. Also returned my Panasonic DVD recorder at Circuit City. I love this 'try and if you don't want return' policy in US. It's so customer-friendly. Iam not sure if in India you can do this now.
It's cool.

On Sunday I again saw the match little bit. It was another boring match to be honest.
You can read about both matches on my friend VJs blog.

Then on Sunday afternoon I made 'Chettinadu Chicken Curry'. Well, now I can proclaim myself as a super awesome cook. I rock when it comes to cooking.

Then I sat down to watch 52nd Filmfare awards for South Indian Movies.
It's still going on. hehehe. DVD recorder kicks ass. I can record and watch at my comfort.

Right now watching 'Adhu Mattum Ragasiyam' on Sun TV. This series has been so well directed and it's so interesting. Iam a big fan of it now. Every now and then I wonder why I didn't get into the movie industry. hmmm...something to think about.


DaldaDappa and Proud said...

ahhh.. thts why u asked! yep watched film fare awards as well! it wasn't all that spectacular... most of them could not dance! :(

vimal said...

Dammit! Preethi, I thought you just had little sense of humor , now u are little smart too.

hmm let me see how smart you are.

Yeah, that's the reason I asked.

I have recorded it and watching it, slowly. I just finished the Sadha dance, for 'Kannum Kannum Nokia' and 'Rendakka Rendakka'. She danced good and she looked hot too.Her lips were...waw.

Come on preethi, you are just being jealous. Accept it.