Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Read the title of this article in Times Of India.


And people talk about me using the word Kick Ass. huh.

I was first to report Aish becoming fat. Then the news later came in Times Of India.
Now this one. Iam wondering if Times of India is copying content ideas from my blog.

hmm.. Wondering Iam....
copyright my work I will.

Disclaimer : Iam not responsible if you are totally pissed off when you open the above link and have no pop-up blocker in your browser.


vimal said...

Guys...did you check out the article in the link posted in this blog.

Greg Chappel is really a kick ass guy.

I've never seen our cricketers go under such 'Boot Camp' training session.

VJ said...

Greg bendu nimuthraaru pola irruku! Hope our guys come good out of this...

vimal said...

Ya literally he is 'bendu nimuthraaru'

Subha said...

Does anyone know what kick ass means ?
Is it like kicking another persons ass??

vimal said...

i don't know what the hell that means.

VJ, do you?

VJ said...

Kick Ass is just a slang and some places vulgar slang as well. But the cool the word it is - the slang has been redefined into a cool slang and has a second meaning as well - which is what most of us use nowadays I guess. I remember my ex-company football captain's favorite words were..."Lets Kick Ass!" (goes well with foot ball eh!)

Well the two meanings I bumped into were:
- Idiom - To take forceful or harsh measures to achieve an objective.
- adj 1. very good, excellent; COOL, AWESOME