Thursday, July 28, 2005

Brad Pitt, Jennifer Aniston and Angelina Jolie : A Love Triangle

Well… we all know what the problem is.
Brad Pitt,42, wants to have babies but Jennifer Aniston,36, has other plans.

Jennifer feels that she still has lots of time to settle down and raise kids.
She believes that she can make it big in Hollywood and she wants to focus on her career.
Whereas Brad, he has seen the heights of Hollywood and he thinks its time to settle down and raise a family also.

Bang Bang.
We have a conflict of interest.

Now, Angelina Jolie,30, enters the scene. Angelina is fond of kids. She in fact has adopted kids. She also does lots of charity work. She is also a good will ambassador for the UN.

Brad and Angie got the sparks going between them on the sets of Mr and Mrs Smith (Which by the way I still haven’t seen. Dammit).

I wonder what will happen to this love triangle.

Sometimes, I think Brad and Jennifer should separate as they both have their own interests which conflict.

And Brad and Angie have common interests at least when it comes to kids.

Sometimes, I think that Brad and Jennifer should work things out between them. But that means one has to compromise or sacrifice or adjust or whatever you call that thing. But then, one of them will be either unhappy or living for the other.

I donno.

What’s best in a married life?

Should one give up their own interests and ambitions(in a conflict-of-interest situation) and live for the partner or just go ahead and do what they actually want to do in life?

I think east falls into the former category and west falls into the later.


DaldaDappa and Proud said...

lol... don't confuse urself too much thinking about their love triangle.. hehe... btw havent brad and jen broken up already? and now its brad and angelina?

vimal said...
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vimal said...

Yes, Brad and Jen have split officially.
But Brad and Angie are still not officially couples. Still lots of feelings among all three. Jealous, hatred, love, possessiveness...

VJ said...

Well I don't wanna comment on Brad, Jen and Angie - they are anyways gonna be happy with or without the others! ;-)

Dai Vimal - why did you get this question in the first case and now you have made me think as well!! I liked the way you have added the emoticons!!!

I agree with you about the culture that prevails in the East and West. Folks in the East are bound to the society and always worried about the reaction from the surroundings. So, in the true sense - they may also have a big conflict in interest but they may decide to continue not for the sake of the partner but for the sake of the society! My thoughts - be it East or West - There definitely should be compromises in life, but life should not become a compromise. Though I can't talk by experience, I feel, there is a big difference - one cannot and should not keep sacrificing every bit of his/her life in order sustain a relationship. Guess over a period of time, upon good understanding, upon nuturing the relationship very well, the couple can kindle interests in each other that may be common! (Well well...after writing this...I am thinking to myself - maybe all this may be too hypothetical...can some experience folks pour some of their thoughts!)

vimal said...

"There definitely should be compromises in life, but life should not become a compromise"

VJ- man, that was a good one.

Anonymous said...

i just wanna say that to me brad should have stayed with his wife i hear all thease people say of how happy they are to see brad with angelina but nobody thinks about how jen feels because the real is noone likes for some hoe to come and steel your man especally a bitch who like woman who makes out with her brother she has a nasty rep in my opinion jennifer looks way better then that thing (angelina)she acts better she has class something angelina dont have its fucked up its because of hoes like that that make it hard for woman like us if i was jennifer i'd fuck dat bitch up