Sunday, July 10, 2005

Other than the Saturday accident that I had, this weekend was a normal weekend.

Manjunath, who was supposed to come to Richmond this weekend, couldn't come at the last minute as he was unable to rendezvous with his brother-in-law at Baltimore on Saturday. So I just ended up going to some local clubs to do some Page 3 stuff.

Since almost every software company is doing good these days, I too decided to join the rat race. I registered a software company in the name KASC.
KASC literally stands for Kick Ass Software Corporation. The slogan of my company will be 'We Kick Ass'.

Then I cooked Sri Lankan fish curry and chicken curry on Sunday. Then...Oh my God, I got to do my Laundry. C'ya guys later.


subha94 said...

I cant seem to understand why you are so fascinated by those words you seem to be using them very often ??!!

vimal said...

Don't ask me. It's guys stuff. Girls will not understand.

VJ said...

c'mon subha - say it aloud, u wud be fascinated as well and u too would be using them very often!