Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Science - To believe or not to believe?

Tonight I saw the DVD of a controversial documentary "A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Moon".

It was an interesting documentary alleging NASA's moon landing as a hoax.

Do I believe it?
I do not believe man landed on moon in 1969. I have great respect for NASA, I admire and appreciate many of their works, and I wish I am wrong about this moon landing hoax. I will be one happy person, if man indeed had landed on moon in 1969.

But, if its true that NASA staged moon landing and all that happened in 1969 was a hoax, I pity all the HYPOCRITES in the world who believe science is everything and there is no God. They do not believe in God, as they haven't seen God, and some even don't believe in Hindu scriptures, and yet they go to temple and pray to God !

Doesn't make any sense to me :-)

If its proved that NASA moon landing was a hoax, I do not know how the hypocrites will react as they believe whatever the scientific community says. If science is proved wrong this time, it definitely isn't the first time.

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