Monday, April 18, 2005

Richmond Indians

Last weekend was relaxing. One of my friend had a housewarming party. So went to the party on Saturday evening and had nice time. It was fun. Lots of delicious food. Then saw the final one day cricket match between India and Pakistan. What a pathetic display by Indian cricket team. Losing a match without putting up any fight or's not a new thing for Indian cricket team.

Then on Sunday I saw the movie 'Sahara'. Penelope Cruz is so hot even at 31. I love the way she speaks English. It's so cute.

Also I completed phase 1 of my project 'Richmond Indians'.
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Mystique said...

People are still so upset over the loss. I don't like cricket but when it's India/Pak, I get all interested. Haven't seen Sahara yet but plan to.

vimal said...

Sahara is a jolly movie. Fun & Adventure.