Friday, February 04, 2005

ICC proposes changes in ODI format

The International Cricket Council is considering radical changes to one-day cricket format which, if agreed to during its two-day meeting that started in Melbourne on Thursday, are likely to be implemented as early as this year.

The committee, comprising representatives of all full member countries, also proposed that fielding restrictions - now placed in the first 15 overs of a match - should be rotated according to the batting team's wishes.

"The first idea was to leave it to the fielding side but then we thought that you might have a situation where the fielding side is so good, they might dismiss the opposition in 35 overs and have no field restrictions at all," Gavaskar said.

"What we have suggested is that the batting side will choose the 15 overs it wants. That makes it all the more challenging for the fielding side," he added.


I sent a mail to ICC few months back suggesting few changes and I even got a reply from them. I had talked about this in my blog few months back.
You can see that here.

One of the changes I proposed has been implemented. I had suggested the fielding side choose the field restriction periods. I still believe that is better than batting side choosing the field restriction periods.

I hope they implement my other suggestions too.

I wish I had asked them for a big check if they were to implement my suggestions :(


Prabz said...

Guess its stupidic!!

vimal said...

Bernard Shaw said about cricket "11 fools playing and 11,000 fools watching"
The whole game of cricket is stupidic. That's what makes it more interesting.
Clever things like embryonic stem cell research and material science are not so interesting to watch.