Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Fines for 'droopy drawers' backed

US politicians fed up with catching an eyeful of underwear want to fine those who won't hitch up their trousers.
The Virginia state house has voted to outlaw the trend of wearing trousers so low that underwear hangs over the top.

Ohhh come on.
This is ridiculous.

Honestly... I hate when I see people dressed like that. I don't like it.
But coming up with a bill to fine those who won't hitch up their trousers....

That too this is in Virginia.

You know who they are going to target next?
Yes. "Girls".
Guys wake up.


Isn't America supposed to be the world's brightest beacon of freedom?


Anonymous said...

This justifies these jack-asses salaries? Our schools and roads are falling apart, and all they can worry about is glimpses of underwear. What next, close down the strip joints? Sorry this can not be done as these erstwhile people will have no recreation!

Prabz said...

Oh no... now there is nothing cool out there ;)