Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Formula One rule changes for 2005

  1. Engines must now last for two races, rather than just one, with any unscheduled change resulting in a 10-place penalty on the starting grid.
  2. Qualifying will be held over two days, with the final session on Sunday morning. The Sunday and Saturday times will be aggregated.
  3. Changes in aerodynamics of the car.
  4. Tires must last for qualifying and the race.

huh.....no....the last change, same tires for the entire race, is really bad :(

It's fun to watch the tyre change at the pit stop as it adds a lot to the excitement of the game. Now I think we will have to miss all that.

I wonder what they will do if it starts to rain during the race. Usually the teams go for a pit stop and change to wet tires and when it stops raining they have to again come back to change to dry tires. Now I wonder what they will do? Are they going to run on all season tires. That would be terrible. Will have to dig into the details of this.

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