Friday, August 31, 2007

Movie again

Last evening Jo and I went to the movie 'War'.

Devon Aoki was hot.

Also the next Batman movie trailer is out. Christian Bale has become one of my all time favorite movie actor.

The Dark Knight


Anonymous said...

Neither we r friends nor we know eachother well.I was just trying 2 drive u crazy(I knew that wasn't fair).Even u were unfair,thats y,anyways i m sorry.
i have kept a fullstop,i m completely a unknown person 2 u and u cant even know my name then howcome my nick name(r u kidding or r trying 2 play back).

Anonymous said...

i said i will not distub u,but before quitting i thght i should b fair thats y,i came up with my identity.


vimal said...

Anonymous, Hows the weather in Coimbatore :)