Tuesday, August 14, 2007

What's India Watching ?

or better

How's India killing time !


Go Sun TV Go.
Make more people watch Mega Serials like Kolangal and Arasi.

May the Men Cook for Themselves and the Family.


PreethZzZ said...

i'm back!!!! mwahahahahaa ***evil laugh****

vimal said...

you are back from where?

You go into hiding often ? :)

Anonymous said...

"Advance birthday wishes"
May dis year b filled with joy and sucess 4 u friend .
If u have reached me just give my name i will reveal myself,i swear.wht mail shud i sent & abt what?


Anonymous said...

whts going on urside means,i cant understand,b clear.wht mail r u asking me 2 sent.I thk u have again mistaken me for someone else.
I dont have ur mail id 2.
bye da.,

vimal said...

So now you know my Birthday too ???

Who are you, working in some credit bureau, running reports on me ? :)

But my birthday is still few days away.

I can reveal your name, but then it will be public in this blog. Everyone will then know who this crazy girl is :)

Do you want to be identified as a crazy girl ? :)

Anonymous said...

Who is this crazy girl?