Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Media War - Sun TV versus Kalaignar TV

Now that DMK has started its own television channel, Kalaignar TV, what will Sun TV do?

I never used to watch political news in Sun TV as I know for a fact that it will be biased towards DMK and against any other party which is in the opposite camp.
There is no denying that.

Now that DMK is on its own, it will be interesting to watch how Sun responds.

I was watching Sun TV 8.00pm News last night, one of the reports was on Jayalalitha giving some land to each of 174 party volunteers from Virudhunagar district for participating in agitations announced by the party and courting arrest recently.


The report also mentioned that Jaya condemned the party leaders for causing some inconvenience to public and they were asked to explain their actions.

Going by the nature of the report, it looked like Sun was portraying Jaya in a good light. hehe.

Welcome to politics :)


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