Friday, December 17, 2004

Day 6 : Danke Deutschland

Today was the last day of my trip. Yea, I had a short vacation. I wish I had 2 weeks time. There are so places to see and things to do in Europe. Even 2 weeks may not be enough. But anyway, Iam glad that I got at least 6 days for a dream vacation. I checked out of my hotel today morning and entered the address of E.H. Harms GmbH & Co shipping company in my navigation computer. The company is located at Robert-Bosch Strasse 13, but I was unable to enter 13 in the navigation. When I entered 13 it took it as 5(or 7, Iam not sure which one). Anyway, I thought it’s just next to my destination and started driving. I felt bad leaving Innsbruck. It felt like I was leaving home.

Since I had put some 700+ miles on my car, and as it was the last leg of my journey, I decided to cross the 120 mph or 200 kmph barrier. After overtaking few vehicles and making sure not too many vehicles were around me, I pushed the gas and crossed 120 mph. I also took a picture of the speedometer. You know, driving at 120 mph, on a manual transmission, and holding the steering wheel in one hand and taking a picture on other hand, well that’s not so easy. But the control the car had on the road at that speed was amazing.

So after driving for about an hour and half I reached my destination. I had some tough time finding E.H. Harms GmbH & Co shipping company as they did not have a big name board. And surprisingly I don’t know why the navigation DVD did not have their address on it’s database. Anyway, I then parked my car in their lot and signed some paperwork and handed one master key to them. Took some pictures of the final odometer reading and my car and taxied to the airport. Once I got on the plane and it took off, I saw outside the window, and thanked God for making this whole trip a safe and successful one. The view outside the plane was beautiful. I snapped some pictures of it too. The sunset outside my window was a perfect finish to a successful trip.

My hotel - SunrisePosted by Hello

Way back to MunichPosted by Hello

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YAY. I did it. Crossed 120 mph/200 kmphPosted by Hello

Beautiful GermanyPosted by Hello

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Final odometer reading - Just below 800 miles. Not much, but ok.Posted by Hello

My car at E.H. Harms Posted by Hello

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Before takeoff - Munich AirportPosted by Hello

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Sunset - A perfect endPosted by Hello


Anonymous said...

Hey Vimal - awesome narration about a wonderful trip. I thoroughly enjoyed the pictures as well. This does seem like a vacation to remember.

Happy New Year to you!

vimal said...

Whoever posted this...Happy New year to you too.