Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Day 2 : My BMW

Today morning I got up early and taxied to BMW Delivery Center at Kundenzentrum Freimann. I was the first at European Delivery today. A beautiful young lady who spoke pretty good English was taking care of my Delivery process. She got my passport and told me it will take about an hour for the paperwork to be completed. So I decided to go to the 'Bistro' in second floor and used BMW voucher to get some coffee.

I was going through the route that I have to take to Milan. Usually, the shortest route to Milan from Munich is through Switzerland. But as I did not have Swiss visa I had to work out an alternative(of course a longer one) through Innsbruck, Austria.

Then after about half an hour she came and told me that my car is ready. I was very excited. We went through the paperwork for 10 minutes and she led me to my car. My car was all ready and shining and was looking gorgeous. The next 30 minutes she explained me about the various functions and features of my car. Then she bid farewell to me and my car.

I was all alone with my new car. I called my parents and told them about the car. Then I entered my hotel address into the navigation computer and with the help of that and God's grace, I 'managed' to reach my hotel.

Driving in Germany is not as easy as in US. Manual transmission made it more challenging. Munich driving is like driving in India. Not every street has lanes and even the streets which have proper lanes did not escape the hussle-bussle driving of Germans. Many roads(lanes) have rails on them, so it's funny to see trains traveling in the roads in a lane and a car going right behind it. Maybe this is the true 'rail-road'. haha. Even though it looks chaos some how all is well organized. On a busy day driving in Munich is no different from driving in a busy Chennai road.

Then I checked out from my hotel because I had to checkin to another hotel. Entered the new hotel's address in the navigation computer and with it's help reached the new hotel. I checked in there. Called for a taxi and went to BMW Factory tour at Munich plant.

It was a 2 hour tour. It was pretty much same as any other car plant. Robots doing most of the automated repetitive task. It was fascinating to see all the huge robots working in sync. After the tour me and a girl from Spain(who was also with me during the plant tour) decided to check out the BMW Museum. A new museum is under construction now which I think will open in May 2006. The one we went was a small one. But it was ok. Then after an hour came home , had dinner and now typing this...

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