Friday, September 19, 2008

When does life begin?

Sometime back in August when Obama and McCain were talking various issues at pastor Rev. Rick Warren forum, they both were asked, when life begins.

Obama answered that it is above his pay scale to say exactly when life begins.Means, he really doesn't know.
McCain answered life begins at conception.

In my opinion Obama gave an honest and correct answer.
McCain, on the other hand, gave a politically correct answer.

I believe that no one can really tell when life begins exactly.

Lets say, like McCain, we say life begins at conception. Then do we really know our own date of birth and place of birth?

It's not the date and place where we were delivered, but its the date and time and place where we were conceived.
Now, seriously, how many can answer that question?

All our birth certificate, and legal papers should have the date, time and place where we were conceived because that's when our life actually began and not when we were delivered.

Sounds complicated right ?
It does.

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Anonymous said...

The whole argument revolves around the definition of life!!! If we hold that life is self-sustaining - being able to breathe, eat, etc on one's own, then it would be at birth. Alternatively, if one holds that a blastocyst (clump of cells after conception) is life, and that it need not be self-sustaining, then this is life. Both paths lead to a lot of emotional arguments!!!