Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Google Chrome

Google came up with the announcement that they are coming up with a new product called Chrome, a web-browser.

Everyone is surprised.

I was telling about this to some friends of mine few years ago.
I told them not only Google's browser will just be a web-browser but lot more than that.

This is my prediction. Or this is how I would develop Chrome if I was running the project.

Chrome, will be more than just a browser. It will be a mini-OS.
It will have pretty much all the capabilities of an operating system and few basic applications all in-built.

So for an ordinary computer user, who just uses the computer for, just say,

sharing pictures, videos,
text editing,

they will not need an OS like Windows, or OS X, orLinux.

Chrome will evolve to be a mini-OS.

I will be designing Chrome in such a way that in future, ordinary users who use computers for basic functions like listed above, will only need to buy a LCD monitor(or even use TVs) and a keyboard and of course an Internet connection. They will be able to use a USB flash drive loaded with Chrome and plug-in the USB in the keyboard and start browsing/chatting/emailing e.t.c

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