Monday, November 27, 2006

Stop blaming Indian cricketers

It has started all again.

You know every time Indian cricket team performs very badly, protestors take it to the players home and streets and burn effigies and things of that nature.

This has to stop.

Our cricketers are human beings.

They have a life, they have a job to do. Day and night they work in Ad shootings, and attending functions and events and may be partying and doing some side business, and we should be glad that they agreed to play for our cricket team even though the monetary benefits from the salary is not much. We should be grateful for that.

The reason for us losing the matches is coach Greg Chappell.

Are you asking me Why!

I don't know, I thought that's what we usually do!
Blame on the coach and sack him. I thought its a SOP - Standard Operating Procedure.


Phani said...

Your theory sounds like:

"When you have a problem face it like a man and if something goes wrong blame it on your wife".

A teams success depends on multiple factors and coach is just one of them.

I don't happen to know about any academy's that groom youngsters. Look at aussies they have a breed new people ready for international cricket when the current generation leaves.

The problem is we happen to believe in natural talent and no hard work.

Coaches get a lot of flak for no reason. There should be room for criticism but if batsmen are consistently failing what can a coach do? He can have a talk with them and I guess he is doing that.

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