Sunday, September 09, 2007

I made Sushi

So after cooking many Indian Cuisines, I wanted to try something very different.
So, inspired by my buddy Dave, who already tried and succeeded, I decided to try Sushi for myself.

I went to World Market and Tan A Plaza and got the necessary kit to make the Sushi.
I purchased a recipe book Sushi, by Ryuichi Yoshii, even though the recipe is quite simple and could be downloaded from the Internet.

And I tried Sushi using Tilapia, and a custom recipe of my own, deriving from the traditional Japanese recipe, and to my surprise, it came out pretty descent :)

The Sushi didn't come out in perfect round shape, but hey, Iam trying this for the first time :)

Attached are the pictures of the Sushi I made. Click to see the enlarged version.


Anonymous said...

y coimbatore alone,watch weather forecast u can know the climate of whole india.
wrong guess again (hahahaaaaaaaa)

Anonymous said...

Anyways ur susi looks good.

pyroduck said...

I hope My guide helped you.
Book don't explain the important parts.
Have fun!
Greg aka sushi