Monday, October 02, 2006

This weekend was both tiring and relaxing.
I went to the gym and did some intense exercises after a very long time, and Iam very sore and tired. At the same time I rented lots of DVDs and watched a lot of TV at home too while relaxing in the comfort of my couch.

I saw 'The Triangle'. I thought this was a movie about Bermuda Triangle, but it happened to be a 6 hour TV movie about Bermuda Triangle. Nevertheless I enjoyed it, worth all the money I spent as I got 6 hours of entertainment. Also it was good to see 'Catherine Bell's cute face. But my plans of sleeping early Friday night and getting up early on Saturday morning got screwed.
Then I have started to Netflix one of my all time favorite TV Serial, The X-Files.
I got the first 2 DVDs of Season 1, total 8 episodes including the pilot. Man, I love X-files. Its good to see the faces of Agent Mulder and the flawless Agency Scully :)

Then I also saw 'V for Vendetta' starring one of my favorite actress 'Natalie Portman'. It was an ok movie, in my opinion.

Goddammit its 9:50 am. Let me get back to my work.

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